Tusk Property Mgmt

Property Management Services

Tusk Property services offers Property Management services developed from years Single Family of Multi Family property management experience. Our team’s expertise includes the successful management of various property types; from individual Single Family homes, Duplexes and Four-plexes to large Multi-Unit Apartment Complexes (200 to 400 unit) as well as some commercial properties. With our broad view of property management we are able to effectively manage just about any property type while always putting owner profitability and compliance first but still insuring that’s all our tenant are as satisfied as possible.


Maintenance issues can be a difficult part of owning a rental property. Tenants can call at all hours of the day or night for the smallest of issues. You’ll find yourself having to walk tenants through the steps necessary to resolve minor issues themselves, or you will have to contact and dispatch service providers. As a client of Tusk Property Services you won’t be bogged down with maintenance issues. Tenant problems becomes our problem…not yours! We handle maintenance requests from start to finish, using only the best and most competitively priced service providers – thus keeping your expensive as low as possible.Your tenants will enjoy the ease of scheduling maintenance requests online, the convenience of 24 hour Emergency service, and the prompt response of pre-screened service providers and plus much more. Property owners appreciate our quick tenant response times, online access to maintenance requests,maintenance history and our ability to enforce service warranties.


There are a number of complicated factors that can make the financial management of your rental property a frustrating task. Primarily, rent collection can be a real challenge with any rental property, no matter how good your tenants are. Here at Tusk Property Services, we offer a variety of payment options for your tenant’s convenience. Our most popular payment methods are online payment or automatic bank draft. The ease of electronic payment makes it easy for you to get paid on time. Tusk also keeps comprehensive financial accounting records for your property, ensuring that you have an accurate picture of your investment, while making tax reporting as simple as possible.

Marketing and Leasing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of property management. It is often over looked and under valued by most property management companies because of their lack of actual real estate experience. We have a team of actively working real estate agents who show our listings daily. They also have a first hand knowledge of what the market is doing because they work in it every day! We send allot of time affectedly evaluating your prorpety to insure we price it appropriately. We market our property starting as much as 60 days prier to it becoming vacant.  this insures that we have ample opportunity to get your property occupied. Having multiple options when getting your property occupied always gives york investment the best opportunity to be profitable.


Property management involves many moving parts. You must find a tenant,screen the tenant, prepare the property for move-in, manage the properties maintenance, move the tenant out the end of contract, schedule necessary Make-Ready repairs and re-list the property- then repeat the process. Managing requires a great deal of time and energy. Tenant management alone can be very challenging. With the added responsibility of managing real estate agents, service providers, tax reporting and payments, insurance, security deposits, and staying abreast of ever-changing regulatory compliance it can quickly become more than a one-person job.