Alex Maxwell

Executive Assistant & Property Manager

Alex has a real talent for seeing the whole of a project, and knowing exactly what needs to be done to make sure it is a success.  A Degree from The University of South Asia in Business Administration gives him the experience and tools to get the job done right.  His enthusiasm for learning new and exciting things has made Alex an indispensable asset to Tusk Property Services.

Alex spent 2 Years in the Quality Assurance Department for a large Shipping and Logistics company prior to joining the team on early 2013.  Alex has extensive experience working with clients in the UK and other countries, and he is always available to handle our clients’ needs in a timely and professional manor.  His recent promotion to Asst. Property Manger is taking his career to the next Level.

Alex is the full time assistant to our Managing Director, Quenton Robinson, and oversees a portion of our Property Management Portfolio.

Phone No. : 281 990 3932

Email :